Peruvian Salsa


Peruvian Salsa is relatively recent as a "brand". For years Peruvians have been known to dance in their own special way but only recently they have decided to standardise their moves, name them and dance proudly. The main features of Peruvian Salsa are:

1 Starts together but then when you hear : "Dejala que se defienda sola",  you start doing Salsa Suelta.

2 Incorporates steps from Festejo and other Afro-Peruvian rhythms.

3  The Peruvian Thrust, The Peruvian Enchufa and the Marinera Double-Kick.

4 It is danced on one.

5 It is danced laterally (as if you were on a stage)

6 There are not as many spins as in Cuban Salsa.

7 It can be danced with long skirts, handkerchiefs and scarves.


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