Peruvian Salsa

About Us

 We are a group of Peruvians who wish to dance "Salsa a la Peruana".  We respect the other styles and recognise that Cuba is the home of Salsa , but we have grown up dancing Peruvian Salsa which includes steps from Cumbia, Festejo and a lot of Salsa Suelta. We would like to promote our style of Salsa.

Coming back to the word "Salsa" as mixture, we would like to include in Peruvian Salsa a selection of what Peruvian dances are like and share it with the world.

Jorge Ulloa-Medina has been dancing for 26 years and teaching for 24. He dances Salsa, Merengue, Marinera and dances from the Peruvian Andes. He has received dance lessons in Peru (Villarreal University), Cuba (Varadero) ,Germany(Heidelberg) and the UK (La Tasca, Copacabana). He teaches Peruvian Salsa in England and Europe.

Muriel Pelayo-Rodriguez has been teaching for 18 years. She is based in Comas, Lima. She teaches dances from the Coast, The Highlands and the Jungle(Selva Peruana). Her students have won a number of competitions.

 Peruvian Salsa is a group of young dancers  who have been taught by Muriel Pelayo. They all come from Lima. They feel that they want to dance "Salsa de Salon" the Peruvian way, by naming, refining and standardising the moves they already know; after all their parents and grandparents danced Salsa a la Peruana to the music of "La Sonora Matancera" many decades ago, Celia Cruz sang "El Toro Mata" -a Peruvian Festejo...

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